Introduction: DIY Marble Art


1. A sheet of paper

2. A pan

3. Shaving Cream

4. Food Coloring

5. Window Wiper or Ruler to scrape off the cream

6. Paper Towels

Step 1: Fill Up You Pan With a Layer of Shaving Cream

1. Use white shaving cream or else it won't work

2. Fill it with a layer of shaving cream

Step 2: Add Your Food Coloring

1. Choose your colors

2. Squeeze the food coloring onto the surface of the shaving cream

Step 3: Make Your Design

1. Swirl designs into the shaving cream

Step 4: Lay the Paper in the Cream

1.Lay the paper down in the shaving cream

2. Pat it gently so the whole paper is covered with the shaving cream and the food coloring

Step 5: Take the Paper Out

1. Gently take the paper out of the cream

2. Place it down with the shaving cream side up

Step 6: Scrape the Shaving Cream Off

1. Scrape the shaving cream off with the window wiper or a ruler

2. Let it dry

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