Introduction: DIY Mermaid Shell Bra

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Let your inner mermaid out! I've found so many plastic shell bras, but wanted something more authentic for an upcoming photoshoot. So, here's a step by step on how to make this part of your world.

Step 1: Materials

For this tutorial you'll need:

-2 lion's paw shells (I got these at Michael's)


- Hot glue gun

- Fish net decorations ( I got mine at the 99 cents store and used 2 bags)

- Scissors

-A ruler

- Plastic pearls/jewels (optional)

- Plastic seaweed (optional)

Step 2: Connect the Shells

I placed the shells on my chest where I wanted them placed and measured between them. My measurement was 4 inches. I then cut a piece of net that was 2 inches longer so I had enough of an allowance to glue into the shells.

I added a LOT of hot glue to where I wanted to attach the net, placed the net on it, and added a LOT more glue on top of it.

I set them up as you see in the last photo to allow the copious amounts of glue to dry on top of the net rather than running off of it.

Step 3: Add Back and Neck Ties

Measure from the sides of the shells around your back, add about a foot to that number, and cut two pieces of net of that length. Tie knots in the end so the net doesn't unravel and glue the net to the sides of the shells.

For the neck ties, I hung a piece of net from my neck, measured from the top of the shells to my neck, added about a foot to that number, and cut two pieces of net. I tied the ends again so the net wouldn't unravel. I glued that to the top of the shells and the base of the bra was done!

This is a nice natural look and you could leave the bra just like this. Or.....

Step 4: Bling It Out! (optional)

I cut the pieces of seaweed and set them up the way I wanted them to look, then glued them securely. I added some thin seaweed to the shells, then glued on plastic pearls and rhinestones.

Step 5: Admire and Enjoy

Take a step back and admire your mermaid skills.