Introduction: DIY Mini Trash Can for Your Car

I saw a mini trash can for you car and I knew that I could make my own at no cost for me, by using what I had already.


1 An empty Clorox
disinfecting wipes
2 A plastic grocery bag

Step 1: Prepare the Container

1 Remove the outer paper
2 Dry Out the inside
3 Pry off the lid (not the

Step 2: Prepare the Plastic Bag

1 Take an old plastic
grocery bag and fold it to
fit the opening of the

Step 3: Insert the Bag

1 Place plastic bag into the

Step 4: Finishing Up

1 Fold the bag over the top
of the container
2 Place the top back on to
container. (You May have
to use a little bit of force)

Step 5: Done

Voila, You’re done!
Put it in your car
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