Introduction: Make a Realistic Fireplace From Cardboard

I wanted to make a life size fireplace for a long time, so here it is.


You need:
2 large TV cardboard boxes
A box cutter
Hot glue
Wood design contact paper
Marble design contact paper

Step 1: A Realistic Fireplace From Cardboard

You need:
two large cardboard boxes ,
a box cutter,
hot glue,
wood design contact paper,
marble design
a pencil
Black acrylic paint
White acrylic paint

Step 2: Let’s Get Started

Cut Out a Rectangle in the exact middle of one box to Leave Space for the "fire."

Cut the second box in half to make the hearth and mantle of the fireplace.

Step 3: Applying Peel and Stick

Apply Brick Peel And Stick Wallpaper to the front of the fireplace. (they come in all colors and designs).

Step 4: Paint Sides

Paint both sides of the box to match the front of the box.

Step 5: The Mantle

Step back and take a look at your work. Apply wood design contact paper to the cardboard mantle of your fireplace.

Step 6: The Hearth

Apply marble design contact paper to hearth of the cardboard fireplace.

Step 7: The Back of the Fireplace

Place the smaller painted box inside your fireplace to resemble a real fireplace.

Step 8: The Finishing Touch

To make the fire look authentic I found two short lamp stands from the thrift store and LED flame effect light bulbs that flicker just like real fire and placed inside the box. Plug the lights into an outlet and it is finished.
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