Introduction: LEGO Table for the Little Ones

I transform a old side table into a lego table for the little ones.


An old side table from a yard sale
LEGO plates from Amazon
E6000 glue for Michaels
Sand paper (medium grade)
LEGO brick

Step 1: Preparation

1 Lay newspaper down to protect the floor area.
2 Lightly sand area where the plates will be placed. ( remember not to sand the edges)
3 Mark off areas where plates will be placed with the ruler
4 Put East 6000 glue on the area where the first plate will be placed.
5 place your first place on your marked off area. Give it time to dry a little before placing the next plate on, As to prevent slippage.

Step 2: The 2nd Plate

1 before putting glue on the next area, place the next plate down to align the first with the second.
2 Press down a Lego brick across the two plates to a sure a correct alignment.
3 Once alignment is established, glue down the second plate and use Lego piece to Assure alignment again.
4 let’s dry a little bit to secure plates from slipping.
5 Do the same for all plates.

Step 3: Let It Dry

Let your table dry overnight and you’re done.
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