Introduction: DIY Modern Side Table

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I wanted a side table to put next to my futon, so I went to Home Depot, bought some lumber, and this was the result. It turned out way better than I expected!

Step 1: Materials and Tools


- Finished Pine 2"x2"

- Prelaminated wooden board for the top

- Weathered Gray Stain from Varathane

- Gorilla Wood Glue


MY TOOLS (affiliate):
Propane Torch:

Miter Saw:

Drill (Tool Only):


Kreg Jig:

Corner Clamp:

Step 2: Measure and Cut

First I measured and cut the legs for the table, 20" was high enough for my table.

Step 3: Square Up the Legs

I didn't cut them perfectly, so I had to even them out on the belt sander.

Step 4: Cut the Horizontals

Then I cut my horizontal pieces, the length you cut these too is going to dictate the size of the top of your table. I cut mine to 11".

Step 5: Assemble the Legs

To assemble the legs, I used one of my favorite tools, the pocket hole jig.

Step 6: Sand

After I had them screwed together, I used my orbital sander to sand the legs.

Step 7: Cut the Top

I cut my top out of this really big piece of pre-laminated board, this is a great option for anyone who doesn't have the clamps and tools to laminate their own board together.

Step 8: More Sanding

Then before the next step, I sanded the top to make sure it's smooth.

Step 9: Burn It!

This was my favorite part of this project. I used my propane torch to burn the grain of the wood and gave it a really cool zebra look.

Step 10: Stain the Legs

I used Varathane's Weathered Grey Stain on the legs, this color is really up to you and what matches your furniture.

Step 11: Glue the Top On

I was originally going to brad nail it, but I didn't want to ruin the surface finish, so I just glued it on.

Step 12: Spray Finish

I used Varathane's water-based Satin spray on finish.I didn't want this thing to be too shiny, it turned out perfect with the satin finish.

Step 13: You're Done!

And that's it, now enjoy your side table, and make sure to use a coaster so you don't leave rings!