Introduction: DIY Native American Sculpture |Wall Hanging Mask

Today's video is sculpture and very easy to make . Its beautiful wall hanging mask too.


foam head ,Air dry modelling clay. oil colors , acrylic colors, feathers, thick thread PVA glue,

Step 1: Face Making

Take foam head ,Cover all the face with air dry modelling clay .Used sculpture tools for the fine lines .Take hard brush or needle for pores on face . PVA glue and water mixture is best for smooth the clay .

Step 2: Coloring the Face and Hairs

Take thick thread for making of hairs ,Fixed the thread wit the help of PVA glue.Now color all the hairs with dark brown color.Now apply gray color for shading. Now its time to color the face. First apply skin oil color on it .After dry the first one ,again apply second color on it .After set the color now take champagne oil color on all the face .Take kerosene oil and swipe all the color ,it will set in the lines and pores.With the help of cloth touching the reddish brown color .

Step 3: Rainbow Color Feathers

Take few feathers ,silver spray color on it. Make stripe of different colors on feather .Fix the feathers on the face.

Step 4: Finial Look

Take wire and beads make the necklace .Now DIY Native American sculpture is ready for room decoration .

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