Introduction: DIY Origami Paper Water Bomb

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Let's make a paper bomb!

Square sheet of paper

Step 1: Fold

Fold the bottom corner up to create a triangle.
Unfold it and do the same thing to the other corners, open it up again and you'll see a x in the middle.
Then fold it in half.

Step 2: Flaps

Now that it is in half take 2 sides and fold them down.
Then unfold them.

Step 3: Tucking

Hold on to the side and open them and tuck them in

Step 4: Folds

Take the corners and fold them up to the top, do that on both sides, this would create a triangle.

Step 5: Sides

Take the sides and fold them to the center. Do that on both sides.

Step 6: Tucking

First take the top points and fold them down, then Take the top pointy flaps and tuck them in the triangle pockets. Do that on both sides

Step 7: Blowing

Then you see at one end of the top, there is a hole. Carefully hold it and blow in it. Then it will pop up like this.

Step 8: DONE!

You are done your water bomb! You can actually fill it with water! If no you can just leave it like this, when you fill it with water and throw it, it will pop and spatter water! Be careful who you toss or throw this at! Have fun!!

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