Introduction: DIY Overalls Top From Old Jeans

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Hey Everyone !

Have old clothes that you ever wear anymore? That you just keep around because you know there will be some use to them eventually ? Here is the place to get ideas on what to do with those articles of clothing. Bare in mind - it's with a modern twist !

In this tutorial I transform an old pair of jeans that I do not wear anymore into a cropped overalls top and I absolutely love them !!!

Step 1: What You Will Need

  1. A pair of fabric scissors
  2. Overall buckles -
  3. A pair of jeans you are willing to cut up
  4. Closure - elastic or buttons
  5. Pins

And that is pretty much it ! On to the tutorial !

Step 2: Watch Video

Watch the link for the full tutorial, I promise you it is super easy !

Step 3: Styling

You can wear this super fun cropped top with a short circle skirt , or even a boyfriend jeans.

Under the top you can wear a printed bandeau top or even a long sleeved top fro a sportier look !

Hope you try it !