Introduction: DIY "POD GX Studio"

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In this instructable i'll show you how to make a POD from a 10$ rockband mic.  sorry for the crappy pics but all i had was my phone. Also i finished the actual device before i made the 'ible.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

1 rockband microphone
1 enclosure (i used an old power supply)
LED's of your choice (resistors too)
1 1/4" female jack
1 mini toggle switch

hot glue gun
soldering iron
flat head screwdriver
"helping hands"

Step 2: Cut/sand Plexi and Sand LED's

the title says it all!!  after your done sanding the leds wash them off to get a better finish.  the plexiglass is just for an end cap because my enclosure didnt have one end.

Step 3: Drill Hole for the Switch

as the title says drill a hole slightly bigger than your switch in the side of the enclosure.

Step 4: Schematic/diagram

in the picture below it shows how to wire everything

Step 5: Finished!

congrats you are now done, also this is surprisingly good quality for a cheap device.  Note the recording attached is recorded with this device hooked up to the line out of my marshall vs100h valvestate amp. if you have questions please email me. i will try to get my dad to take better pictures so it is clearer (he has a good camera).