Introduction: DIY Painted Wingtip Shoes

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It's very easy to create Wingtip style on just about any closed-toe shoe surface. Follow these easy steps and you can have a pair on your feet in just a couple hours!

Step 1: Supplies

Pair of shoes, tracing paper, permanent marker, scissors, nail polish*

*Special note: My shoes are man-made leather so I used nail polish to fill in the tips - if you will be using canvas shoes you could fill in with permanent marker or acrylic paint.


(#1) To start a wingtip template I wrapped tracing paper around the shoe (tape on the underside so it doesn't slip). (#2) Then I marked the foot opening and sole ... which gives a horseshoe-like pattern. Cut this pattern out and use it to (#3) design the shape of your wingtips. (#4) Tape your wingtip-shaped template to your shoe.

*Note: I only made one template - and just flipped it over to mark the second shoe.


Once the template is firmly affixed to the shoe: Trace the outline with a permanent marker and remove the paper.

Repeat process on second shoe (remember to flip your template over so that it is a mirror image to the first shoe).

Step 4: PAINT!

Now that your outline is marked on each shoe - fill the toes in with paint! I chose to use nail polish* because my shoes are man-made leather. I painted three coats on each shoe (drying for about 20 minutes between each coat). After the last coat is dry you can add the dots using a permanent marker that matches your shoe color.

* If you will be using a canvas shoe permanent marker or acrylic paints would be a better medium for you to use.


Once the last coat has dried you will want to fix the finish for more durability. I like to use Krylon Artist Sprays and Fixatives. For this project I wanted a shiny finish so I used their Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze - This is a "bright, clear acrylic coating that gives a glass-like illusion of depth. Its glaze equals three coats of other clear aerosols. Superior high-gloss coating with a bright, durable finish."

*on a canvas shoe I would suggest using Krylon's matte finish spray.

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