Introduction: DIY Pallet Decorative Tray

This DIY Pallet Decorative Tray is an easy and useful project that will make a great addition to your home decor or a perfect gift for someone that loves the shabby chic style. It is also one of five projects that was made from one free pallet. The other projects can be found on

Materials Needed:

Dismantled Pallet Boards

Wood Glue

1.75 Inch Nails

Dark Stain

Two Cabinet Door Hinges

Petroleum Jelly


Spray Paint (any color, I used Fossil by Rust-Oleum)

Foam Brushes

Paper Towels

Drill Bit

Screw Driver


Step 1: Disassemble the Pallet.

Disassemble the pallet. You will need two to three unbroken deck boards. Cut two 13 inch and four 22 inch deck boards. Some slight dents or imperfections will add some character to the tray but you don't want broken boards. (there is another project for broken deck boards at, so don't throw them out). Sand the rough edges and the top of the boards until you reach the smoothness you desire.

Step 2: Assemble the Tray

To assemble the tray add a generous amount of wood glue to the two 13 inch boards and add the four 22 inch boards. Secure with the nails and let dry.

Step 3: Add Some Stain

With your sponge brush add some stain in a random pattern. Once the stain has absorbed into the wood, smear petroleum jelly onto the parts that you want visible.

Step 4: Paint the Tray

Spray paint the tray and let completely dry. You may need two to three coats. The wood is very porous and will absorb a lot of the paint. Once completely dry, wipe the tray with the paper towel, the petroleum jelly will wipe off very easily and the dark stain will show trough.

Step 5: Add the Hardware

Lastly, add the hardware to complete the tray. I used a set of cabinet door hardware that I bought at a flea market. They were silver and I spay painted them dark bronze. Depending on the hardware you choose, this step can vary. Decide where you want to place them, drill the holes and add the finishing touch.

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