Introduction: Gilded Decoupage Coasters

This a very easy project for the home that can be made to suit any home decor. It is made out of left pallet boards that I didn't want to throw out. If you have basic crafting supplies this project is essentially free.

Materials Needed:

Pallet Board

Acrylic or Spray Paint any color

Gold Acrylic or Spray Pant

Mod Podge

Paper Punch (mine is Martha Stewart)

Decorative Paper


Masking Tape

Foam Brush

Clear Sealer

Felt Self Adhesive Round Backings

Step 1: Cut the Pallet Into Coasters; Sand Until Smooth

Cut the pallet into 3.5x3.5 " coasters; sand until smooth

Step 2: Paint the Pallet Coasters

Paint the pallet coasters any color you prefer. I chose various shades of blue. Let them completely dry. Once dried tape off any portions you don't want gold. I made various designs, so not one is the same, but still belong in the set.

Step 3: Add a Decorative Touch

Punch out the decorative paper and cut the length you need. Brush the coaster with mod podge and place the decoration on the coaster. Cover the entire coaster with mod podge and let dry. Add a coat of clear lacquer to seal the coaster. Add the felt backing to each back corner, autograph it and you are done.

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