Introduction: DIY Pallet Headboard With Lights

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This DIY Pallet Headboard isn't quite finished yet because I can not decide for the life of me if I want to paint it a different color or not, I'm still way undecided. But I do love the Sconce lights on the bed itself. I Really have used this as more of a room divider in the past since I live in a studio apartment type of room I really wanted to separate my bedroom from the rest of the space. If you have ever lived in a studio apartment you know what I am talking about. Also I am going to substitute the space above the bed with white curtains that will run along the length. So I am not quite finished and I will update the photo's once I am.

It was a pretty easy project once I started working on it in all took me about an hour or less from start to finish.


Step 1: Materials List

3- 4x4' pallets used ( FREE ) You can find pallets anywhere you look for absolutely nothing

2- 4x 8' wood paneling ( OPTIONAL) You can usually pick these up for less than 10-20 dollars each. But you can use any sort of covering you may want. Or none at all and go with the pallet look. I was not keen on the pallet look so I went with this wood paneling I already had on hand

2-Sconce Lights and hardware I paid only six dollars each for these at my local thrift store but if you can not find them at a thrift store you could always find them on amazon Nuvo 60/044 One Light Wall Sconce with Tuscan Suede Glass, Old Bronze

2- lamp cords either with on and off switch or not

120- 1 1/2" finish nails

40- 2" wood screws

Step 2: Hardware List

1/4" drill bit


Jigsaw or circular saw

Step 3: Securing the Pallet to the Wall

First line up the pallets and make sure they are level. If they are you can start to secure the pallet to the wall with 6- 2" wood screws and then to the floor itself with at least 5 more Wood screws. Securing the first pallet is important you don't want it to slip on you or come lose. Place the nails evenly through the center of the pallet.

Continue lining up the pallets one by one securing them to the floor and to each other with wood screws through the center spaced evenly apart.

Use as many wood screws as you feel necessary

Step 4: Covering the Pallet

I used wood paneling on both side of my pallet construction. The wall on the other side is noticeable so I really wanted a uniformed look. If you own a finish gun for this next step, your lucky I had to hammer these in one by one

Using the finish nails go along the sides top, bottom and middle of the pallets hammering in the Finish nails with a hammer. Space them evenly apart and uniform.

Step 5: Installing Your Sconce Lights

For this step you will need a 1/4" drill bit.

Make a hole with the drill bit where you would like your lights to be

feed the lamp cord through the back out the front of the hole.

attach your lights according to the manufacturers directions

secure the lamps to the headboard and finish installing lamp accessories

turn on the lamp to ensure they are working.

Your done.

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