DIY Paper Crafts: How to Make an Easy Origami Paper Lotus




Introduction: DIY Paper Crafts: How to Make an Easy Origami Paper Lotus

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DIY Paper Craftshave a certain kind of simplicity about them and this Tutorial on How to make an Easy Origami Paper Lotus is just the kind of paper craft idea that every craft lover would adore and also enjoy making. When we talk about Origami- the famous and ancient Japanese paper folding technique, there is nothing that you can not make with this amazing paper technique. From easy paper flowers to home decoration ideas to kids crafts to paper animals. You name it and with the help of Origami paper folding techniques you can make all of this and more.

Watch and learn how to make an easy Origami Paper Lotus that will help you to keep your lotus flower a class apart from that of others.

Step 1: Material Require to Make the Easy Origami Paper Lotus

The best and unique quality about Origami Crafts is that they do not require any special and expensive craft essentials for you and yet they produce amazing paper results. To make the Lotus you require:

Color Papers


Rubber bands

Step 2: Begin With Your Craft!

The first and foremost step in making the Origami Paper Lotus is to cut the colored papers in the following measurements:

Green paper-14 cm x 7 cm

Yellow paper- 5 cm x 3 cm

Pink paper- 14 cm x 7 cm

Step 3: Let's Fold the Papers.

Take a green colored paper and fold the paper lengthwise to form a crease in the center.

Open the paper and then fold all the four corners inwards.

Follow this by folding the paper lengthwise again, inwards and then fold the paper in half.

Repeat this procedure to get 6 such paper strips that will be the leaves for your Lotus.

Step 4: Let Us Make the Petals

To make the Lotus Petals take a Pink colored paper of the specified measurement and fold it in half lengthwise.

After you get a crease in the center,open the paper and fold the four corners of the paper inwards.

Step 5: Continue Making the Petals.

Follow the previous folds by folding the paper lengthwise and then folding the paper Outwards in the end.

Make 12 of these Petals for the Lotus.

Step 6: Make the Stamen for the Lotus.

Take the yellow paper cut outs in the specified measurements and fold them twice in half.

Make equidistant and close cuts to get a fringe like edge on one side of the paper.

Step 7: Make the Flower.

You will get this collection of folded papers.

Make three sets of this combinations - 1 leaf + 2 petals+1 stamen

Three Sets of this combination - 1 leaf + 2 petals

Step 8: Get Crafty!

Arrange and place all the combinations one on top of the other and fasten the stack firmly in place with the help of a rubber band.

Stretch out together 3 petals and the stamen to make 4 separate groups of petals.

Keeping the base of the petal firm, fold the petals upwards and shape them to form a lotus.

Adjust and shape the flower's petals and leaves too!

Step 9: Your Origami Lotus Is Ready!

Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make a beautiful Origami Lotus and enjoy making this easy paper crafts. While origami paper models are always know to be the DIY Project ideas and especially when it comes to kid's graft, there are options galore,

So go ahead and make yourself a beautiful Origami Lotus for your home decorations.

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    Great job! I'm not sure exactly how you turned the petals up though.