Introduction: DIY Paper Mache Sculpture Like Stone Carving


paper mache dough (detail in video), wall panel PVC 2 x 2 feet, PVA glue, fomic sheet (10 nos) ,acrylic colors sand papers of different nos (detail in video ),wall distemper sand stone.

This time i tried to make easy sculpture with paper mache dough ,it looks like a stone carving .Original stone carving is a art & skilled professional person can make the sculpture in proper work shop with the help of tools .I think its very easy with paper mache .Its a beautiful room decoration . Leave a comment in suggestion box .

Step 1: Paper Mache Dough

Take 2 x 2 feet PVC panel .Now making of paper mache dough we take hot water &add about 15 old news papers , soak news paper about 24 hours ,mache the mixture of news papers with the hand blender , now add 3/4 cup of PVA glue ,1 cup of joint compound ,2 tablespoons linseed oil ,1/2 cup of all purpose white flour ,2 tablespoons of liquid bleach .mix & make the smooth dough .we have to make smooth dough with out any lames .

Step 2: Making of Sculpture

Firstly we draw a sketch on paper which is in my mind then again draw it on PVC panel . Lets start the project , i take few amount of dough & make the sculpture . You have to cover the extra dough with cling rap . Make the face , neck & hairs with dough ,i used different tools for it and knife too . Leave this sculpture for drying about 48 hours ,it should be complete dry . Now its time to make a mixture of acrylic color ,joint compound ,chalk powder and wall distemper of sand stone .Mix all this material well .Now apply it on dry sculpture & cover all part with the mention mixture . Leave it for drying about 24 hours ,.After complete drying we use sandpaper of 360,480, 1200, 2000, 2500 grit . If you have 4000 grit sandpaper it is preferable. your sculpture should be smooth & shiny .Again apply second lyre of color mixture ,leave for drying ,again use sandpaper,its third time to apply color mixture ,leave for drying ,use sandpaper .After 3 steps of applying color mixture my sculpture is smooth and shiny .

Step 3: Background Stone

I used about 10 layers of white fomic sheet ,join these sheets with PVA glue .Now its ready to make background .Cut the sheets like required shape just like i did .paste them on PVC panel .Now we apply color on fomic sheet ,it looks like original stone .i used sand stone wall distemper and add colors in it black, burnt umber ,raw sienna . Apply it on fomic sheet .mention colors will apply for shading like i did .It looks like original stone carving . my project is ready .

Step 4: Few Pics

Here is few pictures of my project.