Introduction: DIY Pencil Box

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This Pencil Box is a very simple wood project for kids to do at home. My son and daughter really wanted to help with building a small project. I had bunch of scrap plywood laying around from other projects so I cut them into small pieces and gave them instructions how to put it together. Now their school crayons are in order and they brag to their friends that they built it. Check out a video I recorded.


• 8"x30" - 1/2" plywood

• Finish Nails

• Paint

Tools for this project
Tape Measure

Table Saw and/or Miter Saw

• Hammer

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Step 1: Making a Small Box

Cut all pieces to dimensions provided in the cut list using skill saw and/or table saw. Take the pieces for the small box and attach in together using 1" finish nails.

Step 2: Building Bigger Box

Take the side boards and arrange them in a box. Place the top board over the side boards and nail it with finish nails.

Step 3: Attaching Side Boards

Now nail the sides together.

Step 4: Placing Small Box Into the Larger Box

Place the small box in one corner. Slide the last piece in and nail it from the side and bottom. You're all done with this Pencil Box.

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