Introduction: DIY Chokers | Easy & Cheap | NO TOOLS!!!

These DIY chokers could not be easier to make! Each of them took me only a minute to make and don't get me started on how cheap they were! :) Super affordable! I got most of the materials for these DIY chokers from my local hardware store and a fabric shop! Sometimes it's not about having the neatest and most detailed piece which will last you a lifetime (although that's great too). Sometimes it's nice to just get creative no matter what and not to take stuff too seriously, just have fun in the process and don't worry about messing it up ;) That's my approach to it at the moment anyway :)

These DIY chokers are honestly super easy to make! No kidding! It takes no time to make these DIY chokers and you will learn a few jewelry life hacks in the process ;) Create your own DIY jewelry starting with these cute DIY chokers without any special jewelry making tools!

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Step 1: Materials I Used

DIY chokers - materials:

Loose gold and silver chains (I bought mine from my local hardware store) - about one meter of each

White and also grey coloured strands of pearls-permanently attached to the the string (bought from a local fabric shop) - the length should be the diameter of your neck

Gold plated and silver plated copper wire (24 gauge non tarnish from Palmers Metals): about 12cm for attaching each end of chain

Scissors and wire cutters, although you can definitely get away with just using scissors!

If you would like to make the little pearl charm to go with the gold choker, go ahead and see my other tutorial (3 DIY earrings) to find out how I made it.

Step 2: Let's Make a Choker Shall We? :)

Cut your pearls into desired length(it should be exactly the diameter of your neck) and get your chain ready- I went for about one meter long chain (39").

Cut about 12 cm (5") of wire (same colour as your chain) and wrap it tightly in-between the last two pearls on the strand about 3 times and cut the short end of the wire off. With the longer end attach one end of the chain to it and wrap it around the last bead on the strand, then wrap it in-beween the two last pearls again about 3-4 times tightly. Cut the rest of the wire off and push the sharp end of the wire towards the wrapped wire to hide it. And that's it! Wrap it around your neck and you are ready to rock your new choker necklace! ;)

I made one choker with gold chain and white pearls and one with silver chain and grey pearls, but don't stop there! You can make so many different variations :) Oh, and if you'd like to know how I made the pearl charm on the gold choker, please check out my latest tutorial on '3 super easy earrings'. I basically took it off one earring and attached it to the choker :)))

Step 3: You Can Also Watch My Video Tutorial ;)

You can watch my video tutorial here for more details and more fun! ;)

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