Introduction: DIY Pop Vinyl - Sans From Undertale

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Long ago, two races
ruled over Earth:
Humans and Monsters.

Anyway, let's make a Pop Vinyl of our favourite Undertale character (or any character you wish)!

Step 1: You Will Need

You Will Need:

  • Sculpting Clay
  • Sculpting Tools
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Silicone
  • Mod Roc
  • Fast Cast

Step 2: How to Make!

How To Make In One Quick Video!

Click the above video to see how its made.

I really hope you enjoy!

If not continue to read instructions! x

Step 3: Sculpt!

The first step in making your Sans (or any other character) is to sculpt it!

Clay you have 2 options, water based or oil based. Water based is cheaper and holds way more detail but hardens in hours, and cant be reused. Oil based is expensive about £20 per 5lbs, but you can reuse it, just heat and it softens right up. When soft its like wet clay, when hard you can carve in it.

This sculpt is entirely your own creation and I suggest just to have fun with it, take your time and relax!

You don't need any fancy sculpting tools (although tools do make it a bit easier) you can use anything to sculpt.

Step 4: Mold Me!

Take the sculpt lay on its back. This is messy, so lay down some protection for your surfaces!

Using your clay, you want to split your sculpt in half by building a wall around it (shown in blue). Then you can either use something round like marbles, or sculpt round blips into the wall to create registration marks to help seal the mold at a later stage (blue circles) do not let these be too close to sculpt or wall edge.

Next sculpt in some prying holes, these are thicker more square shapes that are on the outer edge of the wall (shown in orange) to help you open the mold easier at a later stage.

Next mix up some molding silicone and pour/brush over the first half of the sculpt. Leave this to dry, then keep adding silicone until it is about 1cm thickness.

Once completely dry, remove the clay wall. Brush on a somewhat thick layer of vaseline over the silicone wall that remains. Then pour/ brush on the second half of the silicone jacket.

Lastly, using Mod Roc create a "jacket" over the silicone. I used around 3 layers of mod roc, this will enure the silicone keeps its shape.

Step 5: Pouring Time!

Once the Mod roc is completely dry, open up your mold and remove the clay.

Clean out your mold with water, ensuring no clay remains inside.

Then put your mold back together and secure with clamps or duct tape.

I used 2 part fast cast to create my piece, which is quite a heavy based plastic but it cures super fast which is why I like to use it. It is a 50/50 mix, which needs to be mixed well before pouring into your mold.

Once you fill your mold with fast cast, make sure you tap on the mold for a few minutes to ensure any air pockets and bubble reach the surface. Then to remove them from the surface, blow on them.

To make your cast lighter, you can either hollow out the piece once it is poured and cured or create a thick silicone inner piece (with no undercuts) which you will remove during the curing process. Keep pressing on the fast cast and once it reaches a clay like consistency, wiggle the silicone inner piece to easily slide it out.

Step 6: Sand and Paint!

Once it is fully cured, remove from the mold and sand until smooth.

Sand away any imperfections and mix a little bit of fast cast to fill any bubbles that were missed.

Then spray on a white undercoat and paint to your desire.

I would have liked to have used spray paint to paint mine, but all I had at the time was acrylic and decided to use that.

I really hope you enjoyed this instructable!

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