Introduction: DIY Pringles Can Christmas Light

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Hi! Here’s my first instructable project : )

I hope that is clear and simple to replicate!


Step 1: Materials

  • Pringles candishrag (STEP 2)
  • Cardboard (or recycled cardboard) (STEP 3)
  • Marker (STEP 3 - 4)
  • Cutter/scissors (STEP 3)
  • Drill (STEP 5)
  • Drill bit (I found a 7/64 in=3mm bit to work great) (STEP 5)
  • Small piece of sandpaper (STEP 5)
  • Brush (STEP 6)
  • Acrilic Paint (STEP 6)
  • String lights/ led tea light (STEP 7)

Step 2: Clean the Can

Wipe out all crumbs and flavor residue as best as possible so that there is no left over contents within the can. Save the lid and set it aside.

Let the can is dry.

Step 3: Prepare Your DIY Christmas Theme Paper Stencil

Start to draw a stencil with marker and cardboard: I choose a simple shape like a snowflake.

You can also print a simple image from the internet and cut the edges of the template with a cutter.

Step 4: Cutting

If you use a thin cardboard you can also create half-size of the template and fold the paper in half before you starting to cut the edges.

Step 5: Drawing the Outline on the Can

You can choose the quantity and position of the templates to have the desired bright effect: If you make more holes you’ll have more light.

Step 6: Drilling the Can

Once you've finished drawing the templates on the can, you can start drilling by following the signs.

To harmonise the holes put the drill at right angles to the surface.

After drilling there may be some paper stuck around the holes in the can so just use sandpaper both inside and outside to pick those off.

You can also use a Phillips head screwdriver (the right size) to push the holes back into the can because pulling the drill bit out caused some holes to be raised.

Step 7: Painting the Can

I painted everything red.

I gave three coats of paint to hide the background (but this depends from the type of paint).

Let the paint is dry.

Step 8: Light Up!

When the paint was dry, you can put in a small led tea light or the string lights into the can and close it with the lid.

Step 9:

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