Introduction: DIY RC Shock Breaker Mod

Radio controlled toy car is very popular these days. But the sparepart of these toys are sometimes very expensive, for example the price of the oil shock breaker for drift rc car is $29.59 (Rp. 350.000). This tutorial will show you how to mod the suspension of the RC car to get better traction and control

Step 1: The Tools

1. The RC (Tamiya TT01 or the replica
2. Plus (+) and wide minus (-)screwdriver.
4. Salvaged spring from old RC car. Should be fit inside the barrel of the shock breaker.

Step 2: Open Up and Unscrew the Shock Breaker.

I'am going to mod the front shock breaker so the car will get better control. Open the body of your RC and unscrew the upper and bottom screw of the shock breaker.

Step 3: Release the Standard Spring From the Barrel.

Release the spring from the barrel by pushing the barrel and twist it clockwise. Be careful, sometimes, the spring will jump away.

Step 4: Put the Salvaged Spring.

I the frist picture, you can compare the size of the standard srpring (the big one) and the salvaged spring. The standard spring are harder than the salvaged spring and did not actually good because its too hard, but the salvaged springs are softer, you'll get more flexible shock breaker than the standard.
Put the salvaged INTO the barrel and close the barrel by pushing the lower part and twist it counterclockwise until it locked.

Step 5: The Scheme

Step 6: Put Back the Shock Breaker.

Put back the shock breaker and your RC is ready for some action.
Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english :9