DIY Recycled Crafts: How to Make DIY Cardboard Organizer




Introduction: DIY Recycled Crafts: How to Make DIY Cardboard Organizer

About: I am a passionate crafter from India. Making unique DIY crafts using recycled materials is my hobby and I love to share my knowledge with the world.

I have always had a special charm about DIY Recycled Crafts because making best out of waste crafts push the boundaries of your imagination to create a new and fresh take on easy and DIY Craft ideas. With me, this time you can indulge your creative side into a cool craft and learn how to make a DIY Cardboard Organizer to help you live a clutter free life. Now say Goodbye to clutter with this super cool craft idea of making a DIY Cardboard Organizer using basic waste craft supplies.

Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make a DIY Cardboard Organizer and have a fun art and craft activity for kids.

Step 1: Grab Your Craft Supplies!

Sometime random things lying around in your home give you the best of recycled crafts and for this recycled DIY cardboard organizer.

Color papers

Thick cardboard

Thin cardboard

Printed paper


Decorative flowers and Tape





Glue gun and stick

Decorative lace

Step 2: Make the Boxes.

Take a 15 cm thick cardboard cut out and make markings on the opposite sides of 5.5 cm , 4 cm and 5.5 cm respectively.

Draw lines and cut along them to get hexagon shaped base like this.

Cover the base with printed papers.

Cut out 4 cm wide strips using thin cardboard and paste them with glue gun to make the walls of the box.

Watch the complete tutorial to learn how to make the Boxes.

Step 3: Add Color to the Boxes.

Cut out 4 cm wide yellow strips and paste them on the outer side of the walls to give it a colored look.

Step 4: Build Up Your Craft!

Take a 28 cm long thick cardboard strip and cover it with brown paper.

Mark the height of the boxes on the strips and also make markings to ensure equal placement of the boxes.

Paste the boxes to the strips with a glue gun.

Step 5: Decorate Your Craft

Take a thin cardboard paper strip measuring 30x4 cm and cover it in brown paper.

Paste it as the handle of the organizer.

Add a decorative touch to the organizer by pasting a decorative tape on the walls, sides and handles of the boxes.

Add some decorative lace on the joints of the handles.

Step 6: DIY Cardboard Organizer Is Ready!

There you have it friends! You very own recycled best out of waste craft idea of a DIY Cardboard Organizer is ready to be used as a desk organizer, makeup organizer or just to keep everyday use items like a bunch of keys and usual daily use things and items. This Cardboard Organizer also makes for a fun art and craft activity for kids too, so get your kid's craft caps on and engage them in such amazing Do It Yourself craft at home idea.

Watch the complete tutorial on how to make the DIY cardboard Organizer and have fun!

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    Fantastic like always, Ananvita! Beautifully done :)