Introduction: DIY Refurbished Table

This is an easy Do It Yourself you can do to give an old table a new meaning!

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

For this project you will need...

*A table or piece of wood furniture*

~Mineral Spirits

~Paint (Spray paint is what I used but you can you a latex or oil based paint as well)

~A top clear coat, such as a poly acrylic clear coat

~A face mask (You can use a paper mask or a more heavy duty mask such as in the picture above)

~Paint Brush


~Sand Paper (120 or 220 grit)

~Electric Sander (Optional)

~One pair of latex gloves (Optional)

Step 2: Sanding

The first thing you want to do once you have gathered your supplies is to start sanding by hand or with your sander. Keep in mind it may take a while if you are sanding by hand. Make sure you sand everything under the table top. Once you have finished sanding the base of the piece you can sand the top. If the piece you are using has a rough finish on the top it will be easier if you use a lower grit such as 120. One more thing you have to do is sand the edges of the table to top to match the color.

Step 3: Prepare to Paint

Once you gave finished sanding you now need to prepare to paint. Use your rag and put a little mineral spirits on it. This is where you want to put on your gloves. These will protect against the mineral spirits and the paint! Now you want to make sure you rub the mineral spirits all over your piece. Keep in mind to do this rather quickly before the mineral spirits evaporate. Once you are done tape the corners of top if you are painting by hand. If you are spray painting also tape towards the middle of the top, as seen in the picture.

Step 4: Painting

Now it's time to paint! I used spray paint as shown in the picture. If you would like if your piece has a drawer you can paint it a different color to give the piece a little pop! Let dry for about until dry to the touch.

Step 5: The Top

To finish up the top use your clear coat. ake off the tape on the toput a coat of it on the top and the edges/sides of the top. Wait until dry to the touch.

Step 6: Finishing Up

To finish up add a new knob to your drawer, and you can put some floor pads on the bottom.

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