Introduction: No-Sew Tee to Tank!

Do you have a Drab old T-shirt that is taking up precious closet room? This is a no-sew DIY to make so use and reimagine a plain old regular T-shirt!

Step 1: What Will You Need?

Since this is a no-sew no thread and needle involved!
You will simply need
-a regular t-shirt of your choice
-a Tank that you like the look of
-a marker ( I recommend washable)
-a pair of scissors
-a hot glue gun(as well as hot glue sticks)
And that's all!
WARNING: your new tank top might be a little more snug than the one you are tracing .

Step 2: Let's Get Tracing...

First you want to flip your shirt and tank inside out and place the tank on top of the shirt.

Next you want to race the front of the tank with your washable marker about an 1/2 to an inch outside the edge. The looser you want the tank to be the further away you trace form the actual tank top you are using.

Then flip the shirt to the back as well as the tank and continue to do the same thing until you have both sides traced out.

*Tip* Make sure you line the top/back of the collar of your Tank to the top/back collar of your t-shirt this allows more room to trace so you won't run out of space .

Step 3: Let's Get Cutting...

Now that you are all traced up you should begin cutting around the outline you just put on your t-shirt with the marker.

Simply cut around the lines you trace!

IMPORTANT: make sure you are cutting only one layer of the t-shirt at a time.

Once you are done you should have to separate pieces of cloth.

Step 4: Let's Put It Together!

Now that you have two pieces of fabric it's time to warm up your hot glue gun.

On the edge of your fabrics create a strip of hot glue and fold over the fabrics so you have nice clean lines.
Repeat this for all the edges on the two pieces of fabric.

Once this is done glue the inside of the back(where the access fabrics you just folded over is) and place the front on top.

IMPORTANT: make sure you DO NOT glue the bottom, arms, and neck hole of your tank top.

*Tip* glue a strip at a time just like when you were Folsom over edges. This will make sure the glue doesn't dry before the other price of fabric hits it!

This will complete your tank and make it ready to wear!

Step 5: Let's Wear It!

Now that you are done you are reading to try it on!
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