Introduction: DIY River Terrarium|Diorama|Aquascape

Material ,

Glass bowl, plaster of paris,

acrylic color, artificial moss,

PVA glue, hobby knife,

polyester, resin,

Step 1: Base & Rock Making

For the making of new river terrarium ,i used plaster of paris with sap green acrylic color in base .Leave for dry, after dry the base take the size for rocks on paper . When you got the accurate size make aluminium foil mold for it.Fill the foil with plaster of paris , leave for dry . Took hobby knife to make the shape the rock. It is very patience work to required shape. Now its time to color the rock, for this i used stone grey & dark grey acrylic color. For mixing of colors i took 1 part color & 16 part water.After mixing of water apply on rocks like i did. After dry the color now apply brownish grey color on it. Leave for about 10 hours .Take mixture of PVA glue & water ,apply it on rock .Rock is ready for the terrarium.

Step 2: Color Poly Fiber

For the original look i color the poly fiber .For coloring take brown , black & green acrylic colors, mix it well. Dip all poly fiber in color , leave for dry. Cut the required size & fix in base .

Step 3: Artificial Moss on Rocks

I took artificial moss mat & cut few small pieces ,paste on rock . Now assemble the things in terrarium.

Step 4: River Water

I took clear epoxy resin for river water. Mark on bottle for accurate amount ,you may also used digital weighing scale for epoxy. Mix it wall ,pour it in terrarium . White acrylic color is used for real look.My River terrarium is ready.

Step 5: Few Beautiful Pics.

My project is ready, its my hobby to make different terrariums . I hope you like my all videos .

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