Introduction: DIY Hot Glue Rose Vine Masquerade Masks

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Hello everybody, and welcome to my instructable. As the title states if you read through this tutorial you will learn to how easily make a super cute (or handsome ;) depending on who is making it) accessory for a masquerade party or prom or wherever else you may like to wear it. A bit of a story goes with why I made this. I was going to prom and I had a dress covered in roses and I wanted a vine mask to go with it. I looked everywhere online and couldn't find one under $100 so I said what the heck I'l make one. And now here we are. If you want to see me and my boyfriend wearing the masks its at the end. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to vote for me so I can keep making content!

Step 1: Materials

So here is a list of things you are going to need.


Hot glue (duh)

Green paint

Red paint (optional)

Green ribbon


Paper plate

Parchment paper

Glue gun


Paint Brush

toothpick (optional)

Mask outline. To use the same template I did click here



Step 2: Outline and Glue

Once you have gathered your supplies start by plugging in your glue gun so it is warm for when you are ready for it. Next print out that outline (link in supplies). Then copy the outline to the parchment paper with a pencil. You can do this by holding it up to a window to trace it or just eyeball it and do your best.

Now onto the glue. Start by putting the glue around the eye holes. And then swirling the glue around in your own special pattern. As you do your design try to ensure you make it as wide as the outline but not to much longer. make sure all the lines of glue you do connect enough to be strong. You can do thicker lines if you are going for a stronger more tough looking design or thinner for a more delicate looking one.

Something to keep in mind is for these masks in particular there isn't a certain way all the vines have go so you can be creative and make yours unique, but feel free to look at mine for inspiration or to just do the same thing.

If you are wanting to have your mask tie on with ribbons make sure to put a loop on each side as shown in the pictures.

Once it dries to make thorns on it put a little dot of glue in each spot you want a thorn. Then use the toothpick and poke it and slowly pull away as the glue dries then snip the end with scissors

It can be difficult to form points for the vines with the glue gun so you can cut them into points after its dried.

Children should only use a hot glue gun with adult supervision

Step 3: Painting

Once all the glue has dried its time to paint! Slowly peel the mask off the parchment paper. There will be little bits of stringy pieces of hanging off the mask so take the time to pull or cut them off. Then lay it on your paper plate. put some paint on the plate and start painting over the mask. Be sure to get in all the crevices your mask may have. Then let it dry. If you got red paint as well add just a touch to the tip of each thorn you made.

Side note I added a mini rose in the corner of the delicate one. To do that you just need to crunch some paper into a flower shape and paint it red. then glue it to the corner or wherever you want it on your mask.

Step 4: Optional Step

If you are impatient like me you can dry it faster if your blowdryer has a cool air setting.

Step 5: Ribbon

For adding your ribbon you are going to want to cut a piece of ribbon 30 inches long then cut it in half. next use your lighter to lightly curl up the very edges of the ribbon where you cut so it doesn't fray. Then you have the option between glueing or tying your ribbon to those loops you created when you made the masks. And there you have it

Step 6: If You Wear Prescription Glasses (Optional)

So I wear prescription glasses and when I found out prom theme was Masquerade I was excited but at the same time bummed because I can't see a thing without my glasses and I also wanted to wear a mask. So I came up with this idea! I added little hooks to my mask to it would just hook to my glasses frames. I had a bit of trouble with it falling off when dancing to hard but if you added 2 more to the mask on the bottom of each eye it should stay on better. Follow the diagram I included to make these

Step 7: Thats All Folks

Congratulations if you made it this far and I hope you love your new mask[s]! Don't forget to vote for me in the Hot Glue and Fashion Contests!


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