Introduction: DIY Rotating Jewelry Storage Using Cereal Box

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I came through a big cereal box only after I made cereal box baskets for easter. For a moment I sighed thinking I would have made a big basket instead of a smaller one but then I remembered one of my friend in our community center got a bunch of jewelry from India to sell and she had displayed them in just a plain cardboard piece at the office room . There was a lot of jewelry remaining to display so I thought why not a jewelry display from this big cereal box.I was always amazed by the rotating displays at store and I thought it would be interesting if I made it as a rotating display. So I decided to use some found recyclable items at home to make this Jewelry display. Wanna know how? Let's see.

Step 1: ​Materials Required

One big cereal box

Paper towel roll

Cardboard (You can use shipping boxes)

Another small or big cereal box or any box of that kind

Empty painter's tape cardboard (If you don't have one you can use anything of that kind or make one with cardboard.)

Stones/Marbles/beans for weight


Contact paper

Scissors & Craft knife

Scrap book paper and Mod podge (Optional)

The below specified items are based on what type of jewelry you want store/display:

Sticky back Velcro (I used Industrial strength Velcro)

Clear tape or clear vinyl

One piece of felt

Command hooks

Step 2:

Cut the top part of the cereal box and cover the whole box with contact paper.

Step 3:

Take the paper towel roll and trace it in the bottom center of the cereal box and cut it out using craft knife.

Step 4:

Now cut a cardboard piece which is bigger than the empty painter's tape roll. Use E6000 and glue one end of roll to the cardboard piece.

Step 5:

Fill the paper roll with some weight. I used stones here. Cover the top with any desired scrap book paper of your choice. Also cover the entire paper roll and cardboard piece using scrapbook paper and Mod Podge. I used silver washi tape and covered the paper roll. But it is your choice to cover/mask them with whatever you have in hand. You can also use paint.It is totally up to you. I also covered the painter's tape roll in scrapbook paper. If you don't have any empty cardboard roll like the one used here, you can cut a long piece of cardboard and glue it or you can also use bigger diameter pvc pipe for this purpose.

Step 6:

Now glue the painter's tape roll on to the cardboard base.Allow it to dry. Take the cereal box and insert it into the paper roll . You now have a rotating box around the paper roll.

Step 7:

As this display is going to be in a public setting, I wanted to close the top part of the jewelry display so that it is safe and can also be used as storage for extra jewelry items. For this, use any extra cereal box or any box of that kind and make a top lid measuring the length and width. Cover it with contact paper and glue it to the box. Use binder clip to secure the lid to the box till the glue dries.

Step 8:

Based on the purpose and kind of jewelry you are going to display, you can customize this box. I will share ideas for storing/displaying each type of jewelry, based on that you can DIY and complete the jewelry storage.

For Earrings: This display is used mostly for earrings, so I measured and marked the areas and poked holes using push pins for the earrings. I planned in such a way that the stud type of earrings goes on top as it needs to be secured on the other side and the hanging types on the bottom.

Step 9: For Bangles/Bracelets/Watches

Take a piece of vinyl( or fold clear tape/duct tape if you don't have vinyl) and cover one side with a piece of same contact paper you used to cover the cereal box. Now take another side and stick it on a piece of velcro(Loop side) halfway and stick the velcro to the cereal box. Stick another piece of velcro(hook side) to the contact paper side of the vinyl to form a loop. You can now add any circular form of jewelry to these loop for storage/display. You can also see how these loop hold watches too. You can also use them for bracelets or metal cuffs kind of jewelry.

Step 10: ​For Necklaces/Bracelets

This is as simple as that. Use command hooks to hang necklaces and bracelets. Instead of command strips, I used glue dots to stick them to the cereal box. You can also spray paint the hooks to match the contact paper you are using.

Step 11: ​For Rings

Make a slit in cereal box with craft knife, roll a piece of felt and glue the edges to secure. Poke a inch or two of felt inside that slit using craft knife. Add a piece of velcro to the end to secure it in place. Dab a drop of glue in that inch of felt inside to secure it. I don't have much rings so I have just showed you an idea. But you can also use the velcro strip method to store rings

Step 12: Inside the Box

This is how the inside of the box looks after storing the extra jewelry and once the earrings are hung.

Step 13:

Hope you like this nifty idea of making a jewelry storage/display using the things lying around your house. This display is great even for your vanity or closet. So do try it an d let me know how it turned out. I have also attached a short clip of how the rotating feature works.

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