Introduction: DIY Septum/piercing Closure Ball

I love my septum, but I also love DIY (so much so, I even pierced it myself - but of course, not without thorough research first!). I've often wondered how I can make my own septum jewelry, because needles to say - it is a pretty simple construction. But I don't have surgical steel laying around, so right now I'll do with more simple tasks, like the closure "ball" for rings.

This is pretty easy to make, and here is what you need:

  • Surgical steel ring, you want your closure ball to fit
  • Wire
  • 3 small beads that fit the wire - You can design it however you want, but be sure its not too wide not to fit the ring. I used a big glass bead and two metal beads that are small, but with a big hole*
  • STRONG glue, that dries up clear (e.i not superglue). I used two component epoxy


  • Wire cutter
  • Pliers

*The metal pearls/beads I used are typically used in jewelry making for "locking" a string or thin wire, by pressing them flat. I like these for this project because they are thin and have very large holes that fit around the ring's ends. You can probably use other type of beads as well, but its important that the holes is big enough for the ring to get a proper grip.

Step 1: Cut the Wire

The wire needs to be somewhat strong, but still bendable. I just used some old ear rings I never use.

Cut them just slightly longer than the middle ring. The two other rings needs to be able to be supported by the wire, but at the same time short enough not to be sticking out.

Bend the wire slightly, so it has a little curve.

Step 2: Glue!

Glue the middle bead in the middle, and one of the other beads. Let it dry. Glue on the last bead.
Make sure the two outer beads are in a slight angle, so it fits the curve of the ring.

Step 3: Adjust

The ring most likely won't fit the piece right now, but you can adjust the mouth width of the ring with pliers. Be patient though! You only need to pull/press just slightly to adjust it just right, since every micromilimeter counts here!

And even when you made your ring fit this particular piece, it might not fit the next one you made. Although I made these two (the blue and the pearl) with exactly the same types of material, the blue is slightly smaller than the pearl and won't fit this ring right now. So you need to either adjust if you want more pierces, or have specific rings for each 'ball'.