Introduction: D.I.Y. Sexy Spikey Pumps (High Heels)

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Have your ever coveted a pair of Sam Edelman Lorissa pumps? If you're anything like me, you've got three or four on your wish list but can't justify the $200-$300 price tag? Now you can make these awesome Spikey Pumps, for less than  a fraction of the cost and you can use what ever shoe and spikes you want.

The spikes I used to create this look are called  Screw Back Spikes and come in various sizes, colors & shapes. There are many internet sources to purchase them and I have provided links in the first step. I definitely recommend shopping around for different price points. Ebay seems to have some of the cheapest screwbacks, but they typically ship from Hong Kong, which can take a couple weeks to arrive.

If you've never used a power drill before, it's really no big deal. I recommended using an old shoe for practice first, before you start drilling holes in the heels you will use for this project.

I was able to create these shoes for less than $40 total, including shipping costs. (I already had the shoes).

Have fun!

Step 1: Tools & Equipment

Tools & Equipment :

Power Drill

Drill Bit- size depends on the screws you use

1'' Thin Tree Spike  (2 bags)

1'' Cone Spike (2 bags)

3/8 '' Black Metal Punk Spikes100 pk.


Pair of heels

Step 2: Drill Holes in the Back of the Heels

Using a power drill, drill a small hole into the back of the heel where you want to place a spike. I ended up drilling five holes in the back of  my heels, which I found to be the hardest part, because the back of the shoe has the hardest material.

After you have drilled the holes, take the head of the screw and punch it through the inside of the heel, so that it sticks out the backside. Next, take your desired spike and screw it on until it is tight.

Once you have finished screwing in all of your spikes, take a screwdriver and screw the screws tightly on unit they are flush with the shoe.

Step 3: Drill Holes Into the Side of the Heel

Using a pencil or sharpie, lightly mark where you want to drill the holes. Next, use your power drill to drill into the shoe where you have placed the marks.

Punch the head of the screw through the inside of the heel, into the back of the heel. Screw in the spikes.

After the spikes are screwed in, use a screwdriver to tighten the screws so that they are flush with the shoe. (I used a mini screwdriver). This way you won't feel the head of the screws when you walk in the heels.

Step 4: Glue Heads Onto Back

I used two different kinds of glue to see which one was sturdier and I think the Super Glue Gel worked best. The other glue I used was a super glue brush on, by Locktite.

Take a screw and place a dab of the super glue gel onto the head of the screw.  Place the head onto the back of the heel in desired place and press and hold for 15-30 seconds or until secure. Repeat process until all of your screws are in place. Let the screws dry for 30 minutes. After 30 min, screw your spikes onto the back of the shoe.

I found that most of the screws went on with no problem, but I had to glue some of them on multiple times. If anybody knows of an industrial strength  glue that is stronger then the gel, please let me know. I thought of using an EPOXY, but it would dry an amber color and might stain the shoe.

Also, I recommend keeping a bottle of acetone on hand. Working with such tiny screw and the super glue, you are bound to get some on your hands. It comes right off with just a little bit of acetone.

So far, none of the spikes have fallen off. I will post updates each time I wear them.

Step 5: Make Your Girlfriends Jealous

Time to sport your Spikes! The finished product came out amazing! I couldn't be happier.