Introduction: DIY Shoe Clips

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I love shoes, and if you are reading this instructable is because you love them too. I'm going to show you the perfect craft for a shoe lover.

With this shoe clip you can transform your shoes very easily, without using strong adhesives. You can put them on and take them off very easy. So if today you want to use it with your favourite pumps you can do so, and if tomorrow you want to accessorize your flats with the same clips you can do so. They won't leave marks on your shoes.

And they're not only for shoes, clip one to a plain bobby pin as a hair accessory, in purses, belts, scarves, gloves...

The best part is that you'll have a new pair of shoes spending just cents. As we are going to use recycled materials and scrap fabric you'll only have to buy the clips, and I'll tell you where to get them cheap.

So let's get started!

Step 1: ​ Gather Your Materials

A plastic container

Shoe clips (I bought mine here)

Fabric. I had a scrap of sequinned fabric, because it is see though, I needed another fabric to put at the back. Scissors

Hot glue



Step 2: Cut

The plastic container I used was a mini donuts container. Cut it in the shape showed in the picture. This is going to help with the structure of the bow.

Step 3: Cover

Putting hot glue in the perimeter, cover the plastic with fabric.

You'll need to make a cut right in the middle to fully cover the plastic without wrinkles.

I made this twice because I used two fabrics.

Step 4: Sew

Cut a small strip of fabric, and fold it in three parts. This is going to be the centre of the bow. Sew it at the back of the bow. Sew the clip a the back. Use many stitches so it is firmly attached to the bow.

Step 5: Make Two

Now repeat every step to make the second bow.

It is really easy to clip the bow to the shoes. You can put it as shown in the picture, or at the back, at one side... Have fun finding new ways to use your new shoe clips.

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