Introduction: DIY Smartphone Video Rig

In this video I'm showing how to make a DIY Smartphone/iPhone Video Rig.

On this Rig you can mount your microphone and other accessories and this will also help you to film more stabilized.

Part list:

Step 1: Aluminum Flat Bar

Cut to two pieces of the aluminum flatbar. L=260mm

Drill one 6,5 mm hole in each end and one hole in the middle.

Step 2: Round the Edges With a File.

Step 3: Paint the Flat Bars and Let Them Dry

Step 4: Nut in Nut

Put the M6 nut in the M12 nut and hitt is with a hammer or press it with a vise.

Step 5: Cut the Threaded Rod

Cut two pieces of the M6 threaded rod about 20 mm longer than the bicycle grips and screw on the M6 / M12 nuts, one at each end, to match the length of the grips.

Step 6: Put on the Grip

Step 7: Attach the Flat Bars to the Grips

Step 8: Attach the Phone Holder With the 1/4" Screw

Step 9: Attach the Microphone Holder With 1/4 "screw

Step 10: Attach the Phone and Microphone

Step 11: Finished