Introduction: DIY Teleprompter - Cheap and Portable

This is how you can make a simple, cheap and portable Teleprompter

I'm using sing free software for iphone or ipad.


Teleprompter app for Android:

Teleprompter app for iOS:

Part list:

  • Picture frame 280 x 220 mm
  • plywood 280 x 220 x 10 mm
  • Aluminium flat bar 3 x 20 mm Length = 250+290+250 mm
  • M5 threaded rod Length = 310 mm
  • M5 Wing nuts (2 pcs)
  • M5 washers (2 pcs)
  • Small screw 3,9 x 20 mm (2 pcs)
  • M4 washers (2 pcs)
  • Small hinges (2 pcs) + screws
  • Black spray paint

Step 1: Picture Frame

First we need a picture frame. (approximately 280 x 220 mm)

Remove the glass and save it for later.

Step 2: Plywood

Cut a piece of plywood to the same size as the outer size of the frame.

Step 3: Hinges

Mount the hinges

Step 4:

Cut two pieces of wooden strip and glue them to the plywood board

Step 5: Bending the Aluminum Support

Bend the aluminum flat bar so that it fits around the frame with a gap of about 3 mm.

Cut it lengthwise so that it protrudes past the frame by about 2 cm.

Step 6: Marking and Drilling

Mark the center of the frame and the aluminum support.

Drill a hole where the aluminum support is to be screwed into the frame. (center marking)

Then drill a 5.5 mm hole in the protruding part of the aluminum support where the threaded rod is to be mounted.

Step 7: Attaching the Aluminum Support to the Frame

Pre-drill the center marking on the frame and screw the aluminum support against the frame in the pre-drilled hole using Small screw 3,9 x 20 mm and M4 washers between the frame and the aluminum support.

Step 8:

Set the frame in a 45 degrees angle and mark out where the threaded rod is to be placed on wood strips.

Then make a notch in the wooden strip that the threaded rod fits into.

Step 9: Mount the Threaded Rod and Wing Nuts

Step 10: Spray the Teleprompter Black and Put the Glass Back in the Frame

Step 11: Hood

Use a black t-shirt and sew a hood to the teleprompter

Step 12:

Step 13: Put the Teleprompter on a Light Stand

I'm using a light stand for work lights.

Step 14: Download the Software

Download the teleprompter software to your ipad or smartphone.

I'm using an iPad mini

Teleprompter app for Android:

Teleprompter app for iOS:

Step 15: Finished

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