Introduction: DIY Snowglobe

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Touristy-junk is so expensive but if you happen to like the look of snow-globes you can DIY one for your mantle, shelf or other place which collects a lot of dust and preserve your treasured memories in a ball filled with oil and an artificial snow looking substance. 

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You'll need a handful of materials, they shouldn't really cost you anything:
  1. A nice/unique jar with a lid is very important to this project. 
  2. An object to place inside the jar (we made a model of our Error Energia windmill but you can use anything that fits inside of the jar: a figurine, a stick, some shells, whatever).
  3. A bit of Plasticine which can be pressed into the lid of your jar.
  4. Some aluminum foil, just a bit.
  5. Enough baby or mineral oil to fill the jar (not pictured)
  6. You'll need some matches and superglue if you want to build the object to be placed inside.

Step 2: Ground Level

Press your Plasticine so that it flows into the edges of your lid.

Step 3: Ground/object Relationships

Press your object into the Plasticine and push the edges of the Plasticine around the base of the object so that the ground really holds onto the object.

As we mentioned before, the object we used in the snow-globe was a matchstick model of our 2012 project Error Energia.

Step 4: Glitter Factory

Ok, now you should cut up a couple inches of aluminum foil into about 1/8in or 3mm square pieces to get your glitter. Just cut a bunch of strips one way, then cut them across, scoop them up and place them in your fancy jar.

Step 5: Oil Spill

Fill the jar, almost to the top, with your oil.

Step 6: And Then...

Now just place the lid on the jar, screw it on tight and turn it over.

Voila! You have yourself a DIY snow-globe.