Introduction: DIY Super Bright Rechargeable Flashlight (Micro Usb Charging Port)

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I recently saw a video on youtube on how to make a flashlight but the flashlight he build was not that much powerful also he used button cells to power them .Link

So i tried to make my own version of it which far more powerfull then the flashlight i saw also it is rechargeable which makes it best one we can charge the fashlight with any 5v cellphone charger using micro usb cable.Also its overall length is only 4cm (1.6inch) which is smaller in size compared to the flashlight in the video.

So if want to make one follow the step by step tutorial on how to build this amazing flashlight and you will love to build it Let's get started!

Step 1: Gather All the Materials

TP4056 Module (Global: )

Lipo battery 240mAh(Global link

Piranha Led

10K Ohm resister

On/OFF Push Switch (Global link :

bottle cap as shown in picture (I got it from empty floor cleaner bottle)

Two components epoxy resin

Heat shrink tube Or electrical tape

Soldering iron

CA glue and Tape

Step 2: Circuit Diagram and Soldering Components

First thing is to understand the circuit diagram it is a bit simple.

Then we need to remove on of the smd resistor(As shown in the image ) from the TP4056 module as to limit the current to charge our battery.The module offers 1A of current which is quite high for the battery so we need to replace the smd resistor with resistor of value 10K Ohm as shown in the picture ..

NOTE : I will recommend you to use the Tp4056 module which comes with charging and discharging protection as i had labeled in the image.

Step 3: Connecting Battery and Led

Make some holes on the Bottle cap for the led as shown in the image.Here i am using 3 led's in parallel ,solder the led and cover them with epoxy resin as shown in picture so strong cover and also the joints doesn't break due to some kind of force.Also we don't need any lens ,as this led already comes with small lens on them.

After that cut the jst connector from the battery and carefully solder the terminals to the module taking care of the polarity.Also solder the led to the module same way but leave one end for the switch which we solder later on ,the switch pin-out is shown in the picture.

Now stick the battery to backside of module as The current is very low the module does not heat so it will not affect the battery.Also cover the soldering joints with heat shrink tubes or electrical tape.

Step 4: Making the Body

measure the switch dimensions and make a cut on the bottle head as shown in the picture i have done this by soldering iron.Then place the switch and stick it with some CA glue.

Now measure the micro usb socket on the bottom and make a cut for the charging socket as shown in the image .

NOTE :I accidentally made a bigger hole with soldering iron so i have decide to use another cap and make a cut with hobby knife .

Then i soldered the switch with the remaining end of led and then fitted everything in the container using two components epoxy resin .It good idea to use epoxy resin as to keep the charging module in place so that when we plug in the cable to charge it doesn't move from its place.stick the led cap on top with glue .

Step 5: Completing It

Now you need to charge the battery with any mobile charger by the charging port at the bottom .The red led indicates that the battery is charging and when it turns blue the battery is fully charged i have also added a keychain ring at the end of it and its size is so small to feel.

Step 6: Final Product

It is so small yet powerful flashlight that you can make easily also its overall length is just around 1.5 inches .

Congratulations! we made it now you can use this flashlight to light up and its very useful too.If you had any query regarding it please let me know in the comment below also if you like the project please vote it for the contest I will really appreciate it

Thank you very much.

Have a nice day!

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