Introduction: World Tinniest Rechargeable Flashlight (Ultrabright)

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Hello guys,I just love to work with leds so in this tutorial I will show you to build tinniest rechargeable flashlight. The dimensions of this flashlight is approximately 14 × 12 ×10 mm .I used Piranha led which are Ultrabright and doesn't heats up.

Also it is rechargeable by the charging dock. To charge it simply hook up to your power bank or 5v adapter.

So just follow the simple steps and make your own.

Step 1: Materials Required

1)For flashlight:
- 5mm Super flux Piranha led (cool white)
- 3.7v 50mah lipo battery
- 6×6×5mm push button Tactile Switch
- 1.25mm ph Female jst connector
- Heat shrink tube (20mm dia)

2) For Charging Dock
-TP4056 charging module
-10k ohm resistor
-1.25mm ph male jst connector
-Cable raceway
- Super glue

Tools:- Soldering iron, soldering wire, flux , scissors,hobby knife.

Step 2: Building Flashlight

*Why to use Piranha Led?
For the flashlight I am using 5mm Piranha Led,these are one of my favorite LEDs they are super bright compared to normal 5mm round led.
-Also these LEDs are quite resistant to vibration and mechanical effect they have special additives protecting them from inevitable breakage caused by ultraviolet light exposure.

-First of all just go through the simple circuit and the switch pinouts.
-The Piranha led have four pins (2 positive and 2 negative) ,so I removed 2 pins so I am left with 1 positive and 1 negative pin.
-Then I soldered all components together and added a 1.25mm pH jst female connector in parallel with the battery terminal.
-After completing it I just added a heat shrink tube to wrap things together make sure not to cover the jst female pin.

Step 3: The Charging Dock

-For charging the battery I am using TP4056 module but if you simply hook up the battery directly to it ,you will damage the battery. Because the output current of this module is 1amps that is to high for our lipo battery.
-So after going through the data sheet of TP4056 I came to know that we can change the output current by changing the R3 resistor in the module.
-As per the data sheet I replaced the resistor with 10k ohm value.
-I made small hole on plastic piece and passed the jst pin through it .Now at the B+ and B- end I soldered male jst connector.
-To put all things together I used cabe raceway of appropriate length and used super glue to stick them.

Step 4: Completed

At last just charge you flashlight by plugging it into a power bank or 5v adapter. When the led turns blue it means it is fully charged and ready for use. This can be useful in certain situations and it takes no space in your bag. It is as small as peanut.

If you have any doubts regarding this project please let me know in the comments below.
Also this a entry in tiny contest so if you think this is really tiny then please vote me.


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