Introduction: RC Paper Airplane (It Flies!)

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I still remember how I use to build and fly paper airplanes in my childhood days. But the downside of this planes are there limited flight time and no control on it's flight that makes me very sad. So I tried to convert it into an rc airplane. Also the whole world is suffering from covid-19 pandemic So with the limited items available with me I tried to complete this project and succeeded too.So in this quick instructables I decided to relieve by childhood days and tried to make an RC paper airplane so now you have all the controls in your hands and you can control you paper airplane in air. Differential thrust is used to turn the plane.Isn't that's amazing. Also if you like this project please vote for me, So to make this project just follow the simple steps and relieve your childhood days during this pandemic situation.

Step 1: Materials Required

1) A4 sheet of paper
2)Old Nano Rc helicopter
3) 2*Propeller ( 3cm )
4) Foam or depron sheet

Hot Glue gun
Scissor Or Hobby knife
Packaging Tape
Thin wires
Soldering Iron and solder

Step 2: Electronics

So for the electronics part I am using it from my old RC helicopter. After removing couple of screws I carefully removed the circuit which was attached with two motors and a 3.7V 75mah lipo battery. The wire in our case is quiet small so I used some extra wires to extended them a little (around 5cm).To extend them I first took the picture of circuit board for reference and carefully de-soldered the wires and then soldered wire to motors and covered them with some heat shrink tubes (You can use electric tape too). Make sure to keep this think as light as possible. You can refer above images to do so.

Step 3: Assembling

Now our propulsion system is ready so let's make an airplane. So there many ways to make paper airplane. Just pick any one of your choice . Talking about this project I selected a simple paper airplane which I made using A4 sheet of paper. I also cutted some flaps at the backside for better flight. Above is the image of step by step building an paper airplane. After completing the paper airplane cut a piece of 12cm*2cm 5mm thick depron sheet or in my case it is thermocol but I recommend you to use depron sheet ( Don't forgot to peel off the paper from it ). Stick this piece exactly at the CG of the airplane as shown in the above picture. Add propeller to the motors and then stick them on both the ends of depron and stick the circuit at center of the plane.

Step 4: Let's Fly

After charging the battery you are now ready to fly the plane. But before flying make sure to checks it's CG and the propellers are in proper direction. Also it's recommend to fly this airplane in less windy days. I have not uploaded a video of it's flying due to raining weather in my place so I will try to upload it as soon as possible Also this project is quite inspired by Peter sripol youtube channel but I will recommend of using this electronics instead of using his.I have tried it and it really flies well just follow the above steps and electronics and you will be able to fly.
Hope you guys like the project if you have any questions please ask me in the comment section.
Thank You!

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