Introduction: Led Strip Acrylic Lamp

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Hello guys, In this quick tutorial I am going to show you how to make simple acrylic lamp .You can make endless designs and decorate your work desk.Also if you are lazy in reading then you can watch my YOUTUBE VIDEO above or from the link below


Step 1: Materials Required

1) Acrylic sheet
2) 2.5mm mdf sheet
3) 5mm hard foam board
4) micro usn female port
5) 5v warm white led strip
6) Glue
7) Utility knife
8) soldering iron and some solder
9) Wire and sand paper

Step 2: Making the Base

*MDF sheet:-
First of all I cutted two pieces of mdf sheet of dimensions 8×2cm. From this two pieces one of will be at the top and one will be at the bottom of the base.Also I made a slit of 6cm on one of the mdf piece so that the acrylic sheet can fit on it.

Then I took two pieces of hard foam board same as the dimensions of the mdf sheet. Then with the help of utility knife I made a space on the one end of the foam board for the micro USB port to fit in. On the other piece I made 0.5×6 cm slit at the center.You can refer the image .

Step 3: Installing Electronics

Now take the micro USB female port and stick it on the space created on the foam board with choice of your glue. Cut a appropriate length of 5V led strip and stick it on the same piece of foam board in the center. Solder the wires from the LED to Micro USB port.

Vcc:- +(positive)
Gnd:- -(negative)

Now with the help of glue stick all the four sheets together as shown in the images. Sand it down the edges and make in smooth and symmetrical.

Step 4: Working on Acrylic

For my project I am using 2mm acrylic sheet.I recommend you to buy at least 5mm acrylic sheet.Choose a design of your choice from the internet by just searching "Vector image" on the Google an take a printout of it .In my case I am using a image of bulb. Also there are many websites that convert images to vector images online you can try them too.

Peel off the protective layer on side of the acrylic. On the other side stick the design with the help of some tape.Now with the help of an engraving tool or any sharp objects start the engraving the black lines. When done remove the another protective film and clean it with a Alcohol based liquid.

Step 5: Results

Now place the acrylic on the top of the base power the led using a 5v travel adapter or a powerbank or from you PC. This is a quiet simple project that can be easily build by anyone and looks beautiful on your desk too. You can choose any design of your choice or you can just engrave a message on it and light it up.Hope you guys like this build if you any doubts regarding this project feel free to ask me in the comments below.
Thank You.

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