Introduction: DIY T-shirt Design: Diamond Sides and Sleeves - NO SEW

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Take a boring T-shirt and jazz it up with a sexy boatneck/off the shoulder collar and diamond cut out sides and sleeves.

I made this at TechShop San Jose. They have an adjustable mannequin dress form that makes it easy to work on the shirt and see how it looks and fits.

Step 1: Items You Will Need

1. T-shirt.

2. Scissors. Sharp shears are best.

3. Tape measure to make uniform cuts.

4. Adjustable mannequin dress form (optional). Makes it easy to work on your shirt and check how it looks.

Step 2: Collar

Cut off the collar. Start the cut 2 inches from the shoulder edge seam. Cut all the way around the collar seam. Discard.

Stretch the cut edge of the shirt to make it roll and hide those imperfect snips.

Now you've got a wide boatneck collar. You can wear this off the shoulder for some instant sexiness.

Next we'll work on the sleeves.

Step 3: Cut the Sleeves

Cut off the edge seam on the sleeves. Discard.

Cut strips along the top edge of the sleeve. Between each strip, cut a triangle to get the diamond effect. I cut the strips 3.5 inches deep but you will need to adjust yours depending on the size of your shirt and the size of your arms. The uncut part will be where your arms need to go through so be sure to leave enough room there. Discard the triangles.

Stretch the strips. Really pull on it! This will make them longer and skinnier and roll up the edges, hiding the imperfect snips.

Cut the ends of the strips so you have two strings. Tie the strings together in a double knot. Stretch the knots so they get really tight and that will show the diamond cut-out shape.

Next we'll cut up the sides.

Step 4: Cut the Sides

Put the shirt flat on a table.

Cut off the bottom of the shirt along the seam. Discard.

Cut triangles along the sides of the shirt. The triangles are 2 inches deep. Cut the tip of the triangles to open up the sides.

Pull on the triangles to stretch them. Tie the tips of the triangles together in double knots. Stretch the knots to get them to be really tight. You want the knot as close to the end of the triangle tip as possible without it slipping out.

Do this on both sides of the shirt and then you've got diamond cut-out sides. You're done! Great job!