DIY Target




Introduction: DIY Target

Many of the people around the world order something online, get a home delivery of a pizza, one thing is sure that they get a cardboard box. Many would just throw it away without even realising what could be made out of it.

So here I present to one such use: A DIY Target.

Step 1: Tools Required

1. Scissor

2. Cutter

3. Cellotape

Step 2: Materials Required

1. A piece of cardboard

2. A table tennis ball or paper balls

Step 3: Drawing and Cutting Out the Circle

Take a piece of cardboard and draw a circle (just make sure that it isn't too small).

Cut out the circle using the cutter.

Step 4: Making the Target Area

Use Cello tape on one side to cover the circular area.

Now you have one sticky side and one non-sticky side.

Step 5: Making the Hole

On the top of the target make a small hole, so that you can hang it somewhere and play.

Step 6: Game On!!!

Hang your target anywhere on the wall (make sure that sticky side faces the front), and take a table tennis ball or paper ball.

Now throw the ball on the target, you will see that if the ball hits the target it sticks to it.

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    5 years ago

    Very good & innovative