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Summertime is here and its time to show off all of your rad tattoos. That is - of course - if you have any rat tattoos. For those of you that don't, no worries. You can fake having rad tattoos with nothing more than some specialty tattoo printer paper. 

1) Open MSPaint.
2) Draw your tattoo.
3) Print out your tattoo on the shiny side of tattoo paper.
4) Cut out the tattoo.
5) Peel the plastic.
6) Place it on your arm and dampen it with a wet towel.
7) The paper backer will release when it is on your arm.

Now, when you are out catchin' some rays and hangin' ten, you can show off that gnarly surfing alligator tattoo and no one will be any wiser.

<3 Miss Paint <3

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Where did you buy the tattoo stencil paper from? I'm looking on ebay and all the ones I find need a thermal printer...