Introduction: DIY Tea Party Invitation

Holidays, Christmas, New year !! So much of fun and get together.This is the best time of the year to get together with friends and family because most poepole have long holidays and they prefer to be home.As usual every year I invite my friends for a meal.This year I decided to invite them for a tea party,mainly because I wanted to make this beautiful tea party invitation card.

Here is the Unique tea party invitation card that I made to invite my friends.

Step 1: Requirements

1) One sheet of colored paper - for one card

2) Scrap colored plain and printed papers.

3) Glue

4) Measuring ape



7) X-acto knife

8)Tissue paper

Step 2: Measure Cut and Fold

I have used a bigger sheet of craft paper which is slightly bigger than A4.Surly you can use a A4 paper ,but the card would be smaller than this.

Measure and cut the sheet of paper according to the size you want.

The size of the cut sheet is 12 3/4" x 6"

Fold this paper exactly into three and crease the two folds.

Step 3: Trace a Tea Pot

You need a nice Tea pot picture,because this is an Invitation card for a Tea Party.I copied a tea pot from a book and traced it on the middle of the sheet.Open out the card and trace or else the mark comes on to the other sides too.

Step 4: Cut Tea Pot

Using the X -acto knife slowly cut the handle,lid,spout and the body of the tea pot.

Image 1,2,3 is the right side of the card. Image a,b,c, is the inside of the card.

Step 5: Out Line the Pot Body

Fold one side of the sheet and out line the tea pot body on to C.Use a pencil please

Image 2- inside of the card.

Step 6: Cut Strips and Paste

I have used colorful printed wrapping papers, used envelopes and plain color papers.Color combination is up to you.Mix and match with printed and plain colors.Cut small strips,fold them into two and paste together.

Step 7: Paste Strips

When you look at these pictures you must be able to figure out the gluing method.It is fun and easy,but time consuming.

Cut a small piece of paper and paste in the middle of C.It need not be the same shape as I have done.Round square or any shape.Then start pasting the strips to cover the tea pot body.Paste the paper strips in a circle to get a design.Cut the the extra long strips which is long.See image 9

Image 11 - fold the pasted side and view image 12which is the correct side.

Now for the handle,lid and spout paste a different brighter color piece of paper.This is not folded.You can paste it on the same side C or direct on to the handle,lid and spout on B.View this in step 9 pink invitation.

Apply glue on side B and C -press well and paste together.Let it dry

Step 8: Gluing

Apply glue on both sides B and C and press together, leave a weight over it until it is well pasted together.

Step 9: Pink Invitation

All in one step.

Step 10: Here You Are !!

Hello people!

It is always nice to make your own cards with your own ideas.Not only a tea pot can make in different ways.Soon I will be moving to a new house ,then I am planning on making a house warming invitation card with a house shape.Don't you think it is really an awesome idea?

Thank you so much for taking time to read through my lovely instructable,if you think this is good enough please vote for me in paper craft contest and home made gifts contest once it is accepted.

Comments and votes are highly appreciated :)

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