Introduction: DIY Terrarium/Aquascaping /diorama

Nature always attracts to everyone, and i am nature lover too. I want to close the beautiful landscape .but its not possible for me to become the part of it, so i tried to make a little landscape for my room, hence terrarium/aquaplaning and diorama is best idea for my satisfaction, you can set original moss / plants in it but you ll need some soil,and some other materials ,and also put in small pet ,so you have to do few changing on it and size too, you may contact with me. or i will tell you in an other video, anyhow in this aquascaping required the following material.

glass bowl,plaster of Paris, hobby knife, acrylic color , epoxy resin ,aluminium foil , foam brush, PVA glue, dried moss for trees, moss pad for mountain , soft cloth,scenic cement .

Step 1: Making of Rock

This time i tried to make rock with mixture of water & plaster of Paris . Take a piece of aluminium foil &fold or press like i did then fill with plaster of Paris and water mixture ,let it dry .Now use hobby knife to shape the rock

Step 2: Coloring of Rock

For coloring of rock i used black ,burnt umber ,raw umber & yellow ocher colors .i took 1 part color & 16 part water ,mix it well now take foam brush for good result .Apply two colors first then leave for drying .After drying apply scenic cement on rock ,Now use black color ,leave for dry .Again apply scenic cement on it. Rock is ready

Step 3: Covering of Sides in Terrarium

Now fixed the rock in Terrarium i used water & plaster of Paris paste .After fixing of rock i cover the sides in Terrarium with soft cloth and plaster of Paris .Let it dry then use all above colors on dry cloth ,apply scenic cement on it leave for dry

Step 4: Making of Small Trees, Rain Fall & Boat

For making of trees ,take dried bushes cut them as required shape .Now cover these bushes with dried moss .

For making of boat i take card board and make small boat .Color the boat with simple pencil colors like wooden shades .

For making of rain fall take PVA glue and glass or any hard sheet ,spread glue on it with the help of finger just like i did .let it dry ,Apply white color on dry glue strip like i did.

Step 5: Epoxy Resin Water

Take small amount of epoxy resin ,add blue pigment & glitter in it . we required transparent & blue color epoxy both. Apply many thin layers in glass .Don't fill it at once because heat generated by epoxy break the bowl . After dry the epoxy apply silicone sealant for waves .Take small amount of white color and color near the rain fall like water waves put boat in it .My Terrarium is ready .Few pics of Terrarium

Step 6:

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