DIY Thread and Jewel Necklace




Introduction: DIY Thread and Jewel Necklace

Make your own $500 necklace with embroidery thread and hand-me-down jewelry! DIY from my blog,

Step 1: DIY Embroidery Thread and Costume Jewelry Necklace

Tools and Materials:
Embroidery thread (I used about 9 skeins in a tonal range of pinks, coral, and fuschia)
Crystal/rhinestone necklace

Step 2:

I began by unwinding the skeins and making three bundles (of three skeins each), a little over three times the length of my necklace.

Step 3:

I tied the ends together, keeping the bundles separate, then began braiding. You'll need to save a piece of thread about twice as long as the bundles for attaching the necklaces together later.

Step 4:

Continue until the braid is about 3 inches longer, on each end, from the necklace, then knot the loose strings. I trimmed down the remaining string on each end.

Step 5:

Next, I lined up the necklace with the braid, and made note of where I wanted the rhinestone necklace to become attached.

Step 6:

Thread up a needle with string, and tie the embroidery thread around some strings of the braid. I used the needle to sew the thread through the braid and wrapped in between the rhinestones. At the end of the necklace, I tied off the embroidery thread and tucked in the loose ends.

Step 7:

With jump rings, attach to the string a larger ring and clasp. You're done!

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