Introduction: DIY Three Strand Blue Beaded Pearl Necklace

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Multi-strand necklaces are always in style for all seasons and occasions. With basic beading techniques, you can DIY your own three strand beaded necklace to perfectly match your favorite sundress or shirt. So never miss the tutorial below! And check more free jewelry tutorials at: Pandahall Learning Center

Step 1: You'll Need:

4mm White Pearl Beads

Blue Electroplate Glass Beads

Acrylic Rhinestone Cabochons

Transparent Acrylic Faceted Drop Beads

Faceted Round Glass Beads

Iron Bead Tips

Silver Iron Headpins

Silver Lobster Clasp

Iron Cross Chains

0.3mm Tiger Tail

Diagonal Plier

Round Nose Plier

Diagonal Plier

Stainless-Steel Scissor

Step 2: Make Upper Part of the Necklace

1st, choose an acrylic rhinestone cabochon and cut three strands tiger tail. Then, combine the rhinestone cabochon with the three strands of tiger wire in sequence (as shown in the picture);

2nd, string white pearl beads on the two sides of the inner strand tiger tail and the middle strand tiger tail respectively. Then, string blue electroplate glass beads and white pearl beads in sequence on the two sides of the external strand tiger tail (shown in picture ).

Step 3: Make the Middle Part of the Necklace

1st, string six white pearl beads on the two sides of the tiger wire respectively;

2nd, combine an acrylic rhinestone cabochon with the tiger wire;

3rd, repeat the two steps above;

4th, continue to string white pearl beads. Then, make a loop and cross the tiger wire.

Step 4: Add Transparent Acrylic Faceted Drop Bead

1st, combine the transparent acrylic faceted drop bead with a silver iron headpin. Then, string a white pearl bead above the drop bead;

2nd, make a loop on top of the headpin. Then, cross the tiger wire through the loop to combine the necklace and the drop bead together;

3rd, string white pearl beads and blue electroplate glass beads in sequence on the two sides respectively. Then, make a loop and wrap the tiger wire through the top acrylic rhinestone cabochon.

Step 5: Connect the Two Parts of the Necklace Together

1st, string two or three faceted round glass beads on the two sides of the necklace;

2nd, make a small loop on the left side of the necklace and cut the excess tiger wire on the left side. Then, combine the tiger wire on the right side with an iron bead tip;

3rd, add a silver lobster clasp to connect the two sides together.

Step 6: And Volia! You Have the Big Beaded Necklace Ready!

Step 7: