Introduction: DIY Tutorial - How to Make a Silver Flower Ring With Natural Pearls☺☺

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Tools and Materials:
  • Sterling silver
  • Tableting machine ect.
  • Pearl
  • Marker Pen
  • water
  • Silver wire
  • hammer
  • HammerTexture
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

Step 1: Cutting

Use scissors to cut off a piece of silver and its shape is a square.

Step 2: Heating

Heat up the silver to red color and make sure the silver is heated evenly so as to soften it well.

Step 3: Cold

Use tweezers to pick up the heated silver and cool it down by cold water. Be careful about the heat.

Step 4: Thinning

Heated silver is kind of soft and it is easy to have deformation. Here we will use a press-machine to press the silver to the right thickness.

Step 5: Design

After being pressed by the machine we could see the silver has become thinner. Now we use marker to draw on the silver’s surface to draw out the outlines of the lotus leaf.

Step 6: Pruning

According to the outlines we drew for the silver, we use scissors to trim the silver then we get the shape and size we want.

Step 7: Make Texture

The trimmed silver looks like a lotus leaf. Now we will use a series of tools such as texture-hammer and graver to make folds and figures on the surface of the silver lotus leaf. This process will increase the ornamental feelings and design of the product.

Step 8: Heating and Cool

Heat and cool the finished silver again to make it easier to be shaped.

Step 9: Change the Shape

From the last step we have got a piece of softened silver and now we will put the silver on the surface of a concave wooden model. We will use a hammer or a similar tool to hammer the silver to make it from plane to tridimensional. This process will make the silver leaf become more real and visualized.

Step 10: Shape

Use pliers to shape the folds of the silver again.

Step 11: Polished

Use a grater to polish the silver leaf to make the sharp incision become smooth

Step 12: Cutting the Silver Wire

Now we will forge the flower for the silver leaf and in this part we will use pearls to achieve the effect we want. In order to achieve the height of the leaf we need, we will cut out a section of silver wire.

Step 13: Weld

Weld the silver wire to the center of the silver leaf. Remember to put the welding powder on the center of the leaf

Step 14: Heating

Heat up the silver leaf and concentrate the heat to the area with welding powder.

Step 15: Weld the Silver Wire and Silver Flower

Wait till the silver leaf become red then we shall quickly weld up the wire with the leaf’s center.

Step 16: Cool Off

Cool off the product with cold water.

Step 17: Forge a Ring With the Silver Branch

Now it is time to produce the parts of the ring. We have made a branch by silver according to the size of the index finger and now we will heat this silver up.

Step 18: Change the Silver Branch Into a Ring

Heated silver branch will be cooled down by cold water then we will bend the silver branch with tools like pliers.

Step 19: Hit the Branches and Forming

According to the size of the bended ring, we will use tools to fix the shape of it.

Step 20: Weld the Silver Branch Ring and the Silver Flower

Welding: Weld up the silver leaf and the silver branch-ring by powder.

Step 21: Cool Off

Cool off the successfully welded lotus leaf-ring by cold water.

Step 22: Make the Ring Black by Oxidation

Blacking: Heat up the oxidizing solution and put the ring inside for boiling. Then we will get the blacked ring of lotus leaf shape.

Step 23: Cleaning the Ring

Polish the silver with water and sandpaper to clean away the dirt. This polishing will make the texture of the leaf more outstanding.

Step 24: Rivet the Pearl Onto the Ring

Rivet the pearl to the wire which is on the center of the leaf.

Step 25: Complete!!!

It's a DIY Tutorial for Making a Silver Flower Rings with Natural Pearls!! Hope you will like it!
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