Introduction: DIY Unicorn Polygon Stitch Necklace

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Have you noticed how trendy polygon designs and string art are? They are everywhere: advertisements, printed media, interior design, clothing, architecture.

In this Instructable I´ll show you how to make these cute polygon necklaces. They are really easy to make, and low-cost. With a piece of polymer clay that is usually $3.50 you can make at least 10.

There are tons of nice designs you can make: abstract, simple, detailed, geometric, animals, constelations.

I use them as necklaces but they will look cute as keychains, bracelet charms, or in a larger size as decorations.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Draw your design. Or print mine here.

Polymer clay. I used Premo Sculpey


Embroidery needle (canvas needle)


Thread or embroidery thread in a contrasting color.

Step 2: Roll and Mark

Roll your clay. With Premo I´ve been able to roll it really thin (2mm) and it won´t break once its baked.

Place your design at the top of the clay and with the thin needle mark the vertices. Make marks also for the edge your charm will have.

Now using your cutter, connect the dots of the edge so you can have the shape of your charm.

Step 3: Pierce

With the thick needle (the embroidery one) mark all the other dots. Make sure you pierce the clay entirely because we´ll be threading using those holes. And once the clay is baked you won´t be able to pierce it.

Bake it according to the maufacturer´s instructions.

Step 4: Stitch

Thread your thin needle, if you are using embroidery thread take only one strand.

Make the knot leaving a loop. This loop will be our anchor.

On the first stitch, go back to the knot and go through the loop, then continue to stitch it all. Take a look at your design to copy where the stitches should go, because it may be confusing.

Finish it up with a ring so it can be attached to a chain.

And thats it! You have a new trendy necklace.


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