Introduction: DIY Vanity Mirror in Easy Steps (using LED Strip Lights)

In this post, I made a DIY Vanity Mirror with the help of the LED strips. It's really cool and you must try them as well.


  1. Mirror
  2. Hot glue gun
  3. White/RGB LED Strip
  4. Wires
  5. Female DC Jack
  6. Soldering Iron
  7. 12 V DC Adapter

Step 1: Procedure

  1. First all you have to get a mirror (any shape), clean its frames and glass with the help of isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Now, using a white LED strip (You can even use RGB LED strip as well, depending on your taste, I'm using white as I need just for dressing purposes.), stick it to the frame of the mirror you are using.
  3. Keep them continuous, in case of any irregular shapes of mirror.
  4. Use a soldering iron to solder the connections carefully and perfectly.

Step 2: Procedure (Contd.)

  1. Solder the DC Female jack to the points of the LED strip.
  2. Secure each and every connection with the help of a hot glue gun.
  3. Now barely anything is left, fix up everything and it is ready to go.
  4. Connect the DC adapter and it will light up.

Step 3: Finally Done!

And this project is done, believe me, it is this much easy and effective as well. Check out the bottom pictures for the final product.

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Step 4: Check Out This Video for Direction to Make

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