Introduction: DIY Vintage Inspired Gift Box

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I'm addicted to cardstock crafting these days. I've been making cards mostly. But these gift boxes turned out really great and I was so excited to share the tutorial. It doesn't take much time nor costs much to make one and looks great.

Follow this ible and find out how to make stunning, vintage inspired gift boxes in few easy steps. No more boring gift boxes!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these vintage inspired gift boxes you'll need:

  1. Cardstock paper,
  2. Box template (with lid),
  3. X-acto knife,
  4. Scissor,
  5. Ruler and pencil,
  6. Glue,
  7. Stones and beads,
  8. Burlap fabric,
  9. Dry leaves.

The last 3 materials are for decorating the box, you can use any material of your choice but keep the vintage theme in mind.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Box Template

Place the template on the cardstock paper and trace along the sides with a pencil. Use pencil and ruler to mark the folding lines as shown in the 2nd picture of this step.

Cut out the cardstock paper according to the template.

Use a scissor or an x-acto knife to make half cuts along the folding lines of the box. Fold the cut out cardstock paper along the half cut folding lines.

Step 3: Completing the Box

Apply glue on the 4 small pieces on all 4 sides of the cut out box template and attach it with the part next to it.

Similarly, glue and attach the other sides to complete the box. Allow the glue to dry.

You can simply fold the lid to close the box.

Step 4: Decorating the Box

Decorating the box is up to you, but here's how I decorated mines.

Cut a long strip out of a burlap fabric. The strip should be long enough to cover the sides of the box. Apply glue around the sides of the box and wrap the burlap fabric strip on the glue, around the box. Neatly trim extra if needed.

Prepare items to decorate the top of the box. I made a rolled cardstock rose, took some threads out of burlap fabric, stones, small dry leaves and glitter.

Choose a pattern and arrange the items. Start gluing the items one by one nicely. Allow the glue to dry and done!

You can come up with a variety of patterns using different materials for decorating the box.


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