DIY Waterfall Terrarium|Diorama|Aquascape




Introduction: DIY Waterfall Terrarium|Diorama|Aquascape

This time I tried to make DIY Waterfall terrarium .Its a beautiful decoration piece for the living room.If you like the video press thumbs up button ,share ,like , comment & subscribe.


Glass bowl, plaster of paris,

acrylic colors, hobby knife,

white stones, epoxy resin ,

blue pigment, PVA glue ,

artificial moss ,silicon ,

Step 1: Making of Rock

For making of terrarium take glass bowl. Plaster of paris and water mixture is used for making rocks , First i made the aluminium foil mold for the rock ,then fill it with plaster of paris . Leave for drying, then use hobby knife to shape the rock. You may watch the video in detailed.

Step 2: Coloring the Rock

I used acrylic colors for coloring . Take 1 part color & 16 part water for raw sienna, and the same ratio for burnt umber. Let it dry. Now mix 1 part raw umber & 32 part water.Color the rock,let it dry. Now take glue &water mixture apply on rock ,it enhanced the color.

Step 3: Epoxy Resin

For water I used clear epoxy resin & blue pigment ,mix it well. Firstly I layered few white stones in base then make the layer of epoxy resin . After drying the first layer , again took epoxy & apply second layer. Leave for dry about 24 hours.

Step 4: Waterfall

For the waterfall i used PVA glue ,apply very thin layer on transparent sheet.After dry the glue color the waterfall with white acrylic color, it looks real after color.Paste one by one in terrarium like I did.For the green part I used artificial moss on small rocks.Silicon is the best thing to make water waves.

Step 5: Final Pics

Here is few final beautiful pics of my terrarium.

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    3 years ago on Step 5

    I like this idea, but your instructions aren't very clear. It seems like areas were glossed over, omitting important details. It might be easier if you slow down to explain each step in complete sentences as if the person, like me, has never done it before? For example: "silicone makes the best waves." What kind of silicone and exactly how do you create the waves with it?