DIY Wood Candle Holder

Introduction: DIY Wood Candle Holder

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I think every woodworker has a pile of leftover scrap wood from other projects. Typically, I don’t throw away small wood pieces and try to use them on small wood projects. I’ve made these DIY Wooden Candle Holders from my scrap wood pile. If you love candles this might be a perfect project for you to try.

I really like the whitewash effect from my previous projects that I've made, for example, Shoe Rack Bench and Mirror Frame. I used the same stain and white paint to create a similar appearance for these candle holders. Since I had a bunch of 4x4 pieces, I made 21 wooden blocks with different heights. I trimmed the 4x4 blocks to 2 ½” x 2 ½” because I wanted them to be smaller, but I’ve seen people use 4x4 blocks with just a hole on top for the candle. These wood candle holders could be put together as a dining table centerpiece or separately on the shelves throughout the house. There are so many different ways to use these and for any season of the year. You could use Tealight Candles with real flames or Flameless LED Tea Light Candles on a battery that flicker like a flame. You also might be interested in small projects that I've made from scrap wood: Mancala Boards, Peg Game and Table Centerpiece.

To download printable PDF please visit my website TheDIYPlan.


• 4x4x6' (x1)

1 1/2" Candles


Briarsmoke Stain

Tools for this project


Tape Measure


1 1/2" Drill Bit

Table Saw

Miter Saw

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2 years ago

Really nice instructable, I love the finish. Also your photos are top notch, what camera and lenses do you use, and what software so you use for editing your photos?


Reply 2 years ago

Sethsg, thanks for the comment. I use Canon 5D Mark II that I bought about 10 years ago. It's still a very good camera. I also use 50mm f1.2 lens for most of my pictures. I don't do much editing besides adjusting brightness and color temperature. Most important is to have your setting set up correctly on the camera.


Reply 2 years ago

thanks, for my instructables I use a Sony alpha 6000 and a 50mm portrait lens with f22-1.8.